Frequently Asked Questions

SORRY But this application is no longer available for purchase.

It will also not be updated for the new Smart system.

Does this application sync with other copies I have on other devices?
No - Sorry, but we wanted to keep this app simple and syncing would mean we need to have accounts setup and ways to get into accounts if we forgot credentials

and all of this was more than we wanted to take on.

Does this application have a settings section?
Yes it does! Click the menu button on your phone from the main screen and you will have three choices, Settings, Help and Graphs.

Is this application compliant with the Points Plus 2012 changes to daily target and point values?
Yes it sure is. The minumum daily target is now 26 instead of 29. Go into settings, select Daily Target and recalculate/save your new target. As far as point values go, the point values have been changed where they have been noticed. ie . wine is one area.

Is this application compliant with the 360 2013 changes?
These changes don't actually change any technical details of the diet, but are instead new support group suggestions and subtle changes, so the app is 100% compliant.

The barcode scanner goes to another application when I scan. (for example shop savvy). Why?
The barcode scanner is owned by Google and is used by alot of applications. If you have another application on your phone that uses it, it will seem like you have a conflict. What you need to do is go into manage applications on your phone, go to the application that is coming up when you scan and look for 'Clear defaults'. Now, when you scan, you should be given a choice popup menu of which application should handle the scan. Choose Barcode Scanner and don't choose to have this be the default application. Another solution is to uninstall the other application that is causeing issues if you don't require it.

How do I view my Activity Points, Weekly Points and Weight loss?
Click on the blue diary icon on the main screen. You will see a list of weeks you have been using the application. The week start and to dates correspond to the 7 days up to and including the day you chose as you meeting day. Click the week who's stats you want to view. You will then view the detailed statistics for that week including activity points, weekly points, weight loss etc.

How do I use of my activity points?

If you have activity points available to you during the current week, you will be given an option when adding any other points to 'Swap / Subtract from Activity Points'. Choosing this will automatially use activity points before daily points.

How do I edit or delete items that are in lists? This includes points, meals etc.

When you see any item in a list that you want to edit or delete, 'LONG-HOLD' that item. You will be presented with a popup menu that allows you to select edit or delete (in most cases).


Do any points over my daily target get rolled over into my weekly points?

Yes they do! This is default behavior.

Any hints for using the barcode scanner?
Make sure you have plenty of light, try to hold as steady as possible, and possibly move the device closer or further away from the barcode so its centered in the frame. Also, make sure the scanner line is ACROSS the barcode lines.

How do I add points I forgot to add or in the future?
Using any of the methods to add points you will be presented with a menu to add the points to today, weekly or a past/future day. Choose the day you wish from the calendar.

How do I manually move todays points to weekly points?
Click on the yellow today icon on the main screen, find the points you want to move and select it by long-holding on it. Then select Move to Weekly.

How do I enter my weight loss and how often?
Go to the diary icon, find the week and click it. Hit 'Edit Weightloss' and you will be given a choice to enter your current weight or weight loss directly. Once you submit that, the application will calculate your weight loss since last weigh in and let you save it. You can go into the app any time you like and enter your current weight if you so desire. Its not limited to your weigh -in day only. For fun, look at the graph for weekly weight loss and see your weight loss progress visually!

How do I manually change my daily 'target' points?
Go into settings and find it in the list. Its title is Daily Target.

What is the maintenance box for on the Daily Target Points calculator in settings?
Users might put in their age, height, weight etc and get a value back for their target and want to use a different value for their daily points. Or perhaps the user is in maintenance mode. Whatever the reason, the maintenance entry allows a value of -9 through +9. Adding or subtracting this number might allow the user to hit that perfect level which allows them to maintain.

What is the recycling icon for?
The recycled points provides a list of points that you added at one time or another. This self-directed database becomes VERY important and powerful if used correctly. Not only is this database available to you to quickly add points, its also very specific to you since you created it. Any points you add via the scanner, food lookup, restaurant lookup etc are added to recycled points automatically. You can also search these points by typing in the search box. You will see the items filtered by search term below.

Why does my graph have no line?
You don't have any weight loss entries to plot. After each weigh-in day, make sure you update your weight loss in the diary for that week.

Why do I have to enter my current weight when the application was installed?
Entering your current weight is very important. This weight is used as the starting point for your progress when calculating your weight loss, activity points and for graphing. Its also used with the Target Points Alert functionality. (see below)

What is the Target Points Alert Feature?
The target points alert feature is something to really help you as you lose weight. Initially, based on your weight, you were given an allotment of daily or 'target' points per day. As you lose weight, thes amount of these points will lower. To help you, every time you enter your weight, the application calculates your weekly weight loss. When you 'Save' that weight loss, the alert feature checks to see if your target points are in line with your current weight. If they aren't you are given a chance to update them.

Can I use the metric system ie. Kilograms and Centimeteres?
Yes. Go into the settings menu and under Optional Settings. There are selections for kilograms and centimeters there. Make sure you enter your height/weight in the appropriate units throughout the application.

What should I do if my weigh-in day changes?
You can change your weigh-in day in the settings for the application.

How do I reset / start all over?
Go into the settings and look for the very last entry in the list under Miscellaneous Settings. Click and follow directions to reset all data. This will NOT delete your recycled items.

Holy moly, the food database has alot of items!
Yes, the database is a living database meaning that it is growing each and every day. Finding your item's point values is important and therefore so are the terms that you search with. Carefully pick your choice of search string so that you find what you are looking for. For instance, don't put in milk, instead put in fat free skim milk. The more specific you are, the more specific the results will be. If you put in 'fat free' this will find any food with 'fat' and 'free' in the description, first in the order you specified, and then in any order.

Can I use the old points system in this app?
Yes you can. Go to settings, choose daily target and choose the old system.

Why doesn't the barcode scanner find my product? Why doesn't the food calculator have my product? Why isn't my restaurant in the restaurant finder?
Like anything else, this application can't have every single item in its database. Use these lookups as a convenience, but use the regular calculator / manual entry and recycled points if the application doesn't have your item in its databases.

What are Categories and how do I use them?
Go into the settings and enable the setting for Categories. After this, whenever you add points, you will have to select a category for the points from a list containing Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. When you vie your points for a day, they will be placed in the category you chose and will be very organized.

Also, by choosing categories, you also get access to a new graph that shows your percentage category usage. You can then see what percentage of your points you are using on any one category.

Note that when you first enable categories, any points previously entered into the application will have the designation 'Uncategorized'. (You may edit them all if you wish)

How does the meal builder work?
The meal builder is a feature which allows you to combine points you commonly use into a group to make data entry that much easier. You create a meal by giving it a recognizable name and then start adding items to it. You can add items from your recycled points, from the scanner, from the food lookup and from the restaurant lookup. The meal builder will keep a list of all your meals for you to be able to edit and use.

To add points from a meal, click the meal name and you will see its total points value and what makes up the meal. Long press an item to not include it in this usage of the meal. Don't worry, it won't be erased from the meal permanently, just for this use. This comes in handy for meals which you normally use but in this instance you want to drop one item because you didn't eat it.

Use the meal builder to add any number of items to form your own easy to use groups and even for simple recipes.

I am changing handsets tomorrow but really need my VERY precious points plus diary data. Is there a way to backup and restore the data?
Yes there is! Here is how:

1) Load up your points plus diary application on your old handset.

2) Make sure your SD card is in your phone and is mounted

3) Go to the bottom of the settings and choose 'Backup to SD card'.

4) If all goes well, your database should quickly backup to your sd card. NOTE, this is NOT a way to move the application to your SD card to save space - this is mainly a handset switch function.

5) Put the old SD card (with the backup on it) in your new handset (or find the file pointsplusdata_backup on your current SD card and move it to the one for your new phone.

6) Install points plus diary on your new phone and follow the necessary setup steps the application requires.

7) When you get to the main screen, go into settings and at the bottom click on Restore from SD Card. You will be presented with a way to browse and find the file pointsplusdata_backup. It should be on the sd card at the bottom of the screen when you see the file browser.

IMPORTANT! - Some handsets have internal (built in) AND external storage (sd card). If you can't find the file, which should appear in bold yellow, you most likely have internal storage on your phone and need to copy the file to that storage. You can do this using a desktop computer or using a file manager app on your device. Once you move the file to that internal storage card, the file should be found.

8) If all goes well, the database should be restored to the application and you should be good to go.

9) IMPORTANT!- All of the weight loss calculation data from your backup is based on your INITIAL starting weight. Make sure you set the starting weight (in settings) to what it was in the old device. If you don't, the calculations will not make sense at all.

If you have issues following this procedure where the backup or restore steps fail, ensure that your card is mounted properly. Also make sure if you had to copy the file manually to a new card that you copy the file directly to the SD card and not in any folders. The file must also not be renamed.

For support issues (ONLY) use the email